by The Explorers Club

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Together 02:41
TOGETHER (J. Brewer, W. Funderburk, E. Zarookian) we cant carry on this way its not natural living two hands too tight tonight I’ll pray you and I will be there holding together together we’ll settle someday when I take you back to my world the moonlight is singing to my head didn’t know I was missing you sunrise and now I’m back in bed oh dawn if we could be here Now's The Time - Time To Get Together
California's Callin Ya (J. Brewer, Emeen Zarookian) how's your day been are you driving? wish we could ride together called you up cause you're hiding there's no reason you should be cause the sun don't care he'll be watching you anywhere yeah it's dumb to compare california's calling for ya come to me when you're ready when it's so cold outside catch a right on la brea find me in a paradise bridge: the night it gets so quiet why don't you try it
Once In A While (J. Brewer, E. Zarookian) I've been around Thought of leavin town and handing in my pay while I'm kissing my only life away how can I be so wrong when I’m right? so gone, winded I don’t want to fight (tell myself) one day I’ll make you know make you smile I'll call on you once in a while once in a while I've been around Thought of leavin town and handing in my pay while I'm kissing my only life away come now we've waited so long How I've tried One look at you and I feel alright I feel alright
Be Around 02:15
Gold Winds 02:36
GOLD WINDS (J. Brewer, E. Zarookian) verse 1: I’ve been so broke I’ve been so cold wont you realize where I belong? when spring is far (and the summer’s gone) and winters long time I headed right (back) where i belong (back to my song) chorus 1: gold winds and deep ends are calling (cmon cmon now) snowed in and gone is the freeze verse 2: when ice melts on the beach and sand is in your hair the sun rising on our nest with peace it goes west we’d talk of days and nights (spring, summer, autumn, winter) and mornings with your eyes so bright (spring, summer, they melt, the winter) with all I’ve left to say it wouldn’t be right chorus 2: (take me to the) gold winds and deep ends are calling (cmon cmon now) (say goodbye to all the) snow days and gone is the freeze
Perfect Day 01:49
Perfect day (J. Brewer. M. Willamson) 

It's such a perfect day 
To be in love with you 
I'll treasure these moments 
My whole life through 

Though time has slipped away
 Chasing loves starlight 
I've found this special day
 To spend with you

 Though time has slipped away 
Chasing loves starlight
 Now I have this perfect day
 To love only..... You.
Quietly 02:39
Quietly (J. Brewer, E. Zarookian) Don't you know it isn't up to me? Think it's funny when I say Had a real time putting it on Cause I've been waiting so long I've been waiting so long to see I've been waiting so long to see you To see you Start to wonder is it in my head? Thought I'd see it by now Half a lifetime's come and gone While I've been waiting so long... Watching while the time flies You're a busy girl Waiting for the right time to be Quietly Is It In my Head?
My Friend 02:42
MY FRIEND (J. Brewer, E. Zarookian) Verse 1: my friend knows we well inside my head knows when I get out of bed laughs at every word I've said You spend another perfect day laughing while I sit and cry my blues away Verse 2: We listen to a song for hours minnie mouse and singing flowers passing time we watch the clouds If I don't ever wanna play well at least you learned tomorrow's not so far away B Section: Me for you I'd write a book so long B Section: Me for you I'd write a book so long Ending: You could be my only friend (That'd make me so happy) (Really really really happy) (So dog gone happy)
NO STRINGS ATTACHED (J. Brewer, E. Zarookian) think of all the love that’s been waiting even all the ones that turn out bad but who said that you can’t have it back? think of all the times you’ve been walked out on nevermind the lies that you’d been told cause who was that? did they come back? to know you to hold you with no strings attached a new love like our love never looking back but hey I don’t even know if I’m gonna cry heaven knows you’d never say goodbye we gotta find the time to mend 'cause this is my final chance to bend away but who am i to find the time to do it right i might
Don't Waste Her Time (J. Brewer, A. Paley) You want her she can't help if she just looks so fine
 To meet her try to read between the lines 
Every little move she makes is meant to catch your eye 
Don't blow it boy she's about to pass you by

 Don't let her walk away you're gonna lose her she's trying to send you a sign 
the more you hesitate you'll just confuse her she's falling so don't waste her time

 She's lookin and I can tell she likes your style she's staring slowly she begins to smile 

Looks like opportunity is knocking at your door it's a shame to keep her waiting anymore
BEFORE IM GONE (J. Brewer, M. Williamson, W, Funderburk, E. Zarookian) This is one of your songs,
I've been singing so long 
It's the sound that I hear
 When the day disappears
 In the sundown silence

 There's a ship so far from home 
There's a light that's all alone 
Can I get back to where I belong?
 Can I get back before I'm all gone 

This is one of your songs 
I've been singing so long 
It's the sound that I know
 From a dream long ago 
In the dawn light quiet 
There's a cold wind calling me 
From a storm out on the sea 
Can I get back to where I belong?
 Can I get back before I'm all gone?


The Explorers Club mark their return with “Together”, the quintet’s third album of harmony laden sounds. Hot off the heels of “Freedom Wind”, their first release which showcased their Beach Boys influences, and the triumphant follow-up “Grand Hotel”, an exploration of Classic soft pop ideals, “Together” is sure to be the soundtrack for Summer 2016.

Jason Brewer, founder and visionary of the band, has patterned the album in the mold of post-Pet Sounds Beach Boys classics such as Friends, Sunflower and Love You, while adding his own unique touches and flourishes of inspiration with his band mates.

Listeners can expect exquisite harmonies, tight musicianship, flowing melodies, and gorgeous vocals. Standout tracks include the modern sunshine doo-wop of “California's Calling Ya”, the bouncy pop of “Once In A While” and the contemplative “Quietly”. “Together” is a must for fans of well-crafted pop music.


released August 13, 2016


Jason Brewer - Vocals, Guitar, Synthesizers, Fuzz Guitar,
Rock-Si-Chord, Maestro Rhythm King
Paul Runyon - Vocals, Piano, Hammond Organ, Rock-Si-Chord,
Synthesizer, Guitar, Wurlitzer
Michael Willamson - Vocals, Lead Guitar, Fender Bass, Organ,
Upright Bass, Acoustic Guitars
Wyatt Funderburk - Vocals, Fender Bass, Rock-Si-Chord
Kyle Polk - Drums and Percussion


John Davis - Vocals on “My Friend” and “Before I’m Gone”
Darian Sahanaja - Moog Synthesizers and Rock-Si-Chord on
“Don’t Waste Her Time”
Probyn Gregory - All Trumpet and Trombone parts, Tannerin on
Nelson Bragg & Scott Bennett - Percussion
David Ellis - Percussion
Emeen Zarookian - Synth Bass on “Gold Winds”, additional
arrangment on “Gold Winds”
Krista Brewer - Flute on “Be Around”
Steve Stanley - Bass Harmonica on “Be Around”
Jesse Hansen - Strings on “Be Around”
Brian King - Vibraphone
Mark Galup - Pedal Steel
Rushikesh Badbade - Additional Synth programming
Kevin Crothers - additional Percussion recording
All Music Arranged by The Explorers Club
Vocals Arranged by Michael Williamson, Jason Brewer, and
Wyatt Funderburk
Artwork by James Abercrombie
Cover Art by Brent Funderburk


all rights reserved



Goldstar Recordings Sydney, Australia

a label for the return of melody.

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